I am a serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. My most recent company Abaca has developed a superior anti-spam filter that is more than 10 times more accurate than our closest competitor. Yahoo is a customer and is in the process of rolling it out worldwide. Companies I’ve founded include: Propel, Infoseek, Frame Technology, and Mouse Systems.

My work life is focused on the spam problem as the founder of Abaca.

In my free time, I am doing what I can to ensure that my kids have a habitable planet to live. I’m a big fan of the writings of James Hansen in this regard. I’m doing what I can to help promote his top recommendations to mitigate climate change that have been ignored by Congress and the White House:

  1. that fee and dividend is far superior to cap and trade
  2. we should immediately get started on building a demonstration Integral Fast Reactor.

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  1. This looks very good, but if something looks too good to be true it probably is. Some off-hand questions:
    if japan has been using IFR for years are the data available? What do opponents say?
    If Russia is exporting IFR to other countries is it using it itself? why or why not?
    Are conventional nuclear plants still being built? If so, where, and why?
    Would IFR really consume existing nuclear waste, with a net reduction in dangerous waste?
    What does the new US energy chief say about this? His expert take on this should be very important.
    is it really feasible to convert coal plants to IFR? Has it been done? Where? When?
    Has ‘Gore studied this? What about high Obama advisers?

    • In this case, it is true. Gore doesn’t comment on specific technologies. No, no coal plant has been converted because they haven’t built a demo IFR yet. Japan hasn’t used one. The fact that the Sierra Club is now (finally) in favor of funding an IFR demo should answer most of your questions. DOE isn’t funding it because they 1) haven’t asked for additional funds and 2) are funding all their “already started” projects.

    • Also, Chu didn’t know what IFR stood for when I asked him recently.

      And Science Advisor John Holdren is very supportive, but hasn’t done anything about it.

  2. Hi Steve,

    I very much appreciate your blog and your “ideas for a better world” and
    especially like your stance on Nuclear power. I see that we live in a world
    of amazing abundance, unprecedented in human history. We owe this in large
    part to our usage of fossil fuels, but these are running out, causing
    suffering and warfare, and fouling our air and water.
    Nuclear power presents a fantastic opportunity for humanity and our children
    to live into a better world than we currently have. The negative press,
    misinformation and irrational fears about nuclear power holds back the
    process and keeps people from embracing the great future that we could be
    working towards right now.
    To address this I am looking to assemble a team of like minded people to
    create a documentary film to dispel the myths of Nuclear power: to show its
    attributes and that it is the way to an abundant future. The project is
    currently at its infancy, what I bring to the table is a strong vision for a
    positive future and a conviction that nuclear power needs to be implemented
    right away. I would very much like to speak with you further about the
    project I can be reached by e-mail or phone at 604-831-8123. Thanks again for the great blog and the fabulous content.

    Warmest Regards

    Bernie Pawlik

  3. ? are you the steve that has waldenstrom’s? My husband just got diagnosed with the disease. He is 28 we are married 4 months ago. we are looking for resouses and ways to advocate.

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